GKI LogoThe GKI was formed by Shihan James Rousseau (9th Dan) and Shihan Len Sim (8th Dan) in 1993 and is a non-profit making organisation that is dedicated to the promotion and teaching of classical and traditional Goju Ryu Karate Do based on the ideas of Chojun Miyagi, the founder of Goju Ryu. The GKI conducts regular lectures, seminars and special courses for all students as well as a continuous training programmes for instructors. Instructors have to conform to the highest standards, as set by the organisation and are assessed on an ongoing basis.

With dojos from South Africa, Portugal, Nepal, Spain and Begium joining dojos from the UK and Sweden makes the GKI a truly international association.

Goju-Ryu Karatedo is a traditional martial art and is an exceptional self defence system. It is one of three styles of karate that originated in Okinawa, the birth place of karate. The GKI teaches a syllabus that is both progressive and demanding, basing it's teaching around blocks, punches, strikes, kicks, locks and throws. All of the GKI's black instructors have many years of experience and are certified by MASA (Martial Arts Standards Association) as coaches. Please enjoy looking through the site and reading about the GKI, our origins, our training philosophy, and our people.

If you have any queries or if you are interested in Goju Ryu Karate and/or would like to join one of our dojos please contact us.

Grading examinations are held at regular intervals for both students and instructors to ensure the development of the association as a whole. Tournaments and championships are organised at regular intervals and members are encouraged to participate in national and international events.

The central square shape of the badge reflects hard, strong direct techniques and is a stylised Kanji "Go" (hard) character. The circle represents subtle, yielding, turning, "Ju" (soft) techniques. The "Go" is surrounded by the "Ju" in a simple shape, emphasising that good karate training will develop our characters to have a gentle, flexible exterior built around inner strength, determination, honesty and clarity.

Senior Instructors

Shihan James Rousseau (9th Dan)

Founder and Chief Instructor

James Rousseau began his karate training in 1960/1961 and after training in Japan gained his Shodan in 1963.

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Shihan Leonard Sim (8th Dan)

Founder and Chairman

He began training in March 1967, and started Wokingham Karate Academy in 1984.

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Sensei Kevin Nason (7th Dan)

Vice Chairman

I started Karate training 1972 in the wave of new recruits because of the popularity of Bruce Lee.

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Sensei Henriheta Sim (7th Dan)

International Secretary

I began training in 1975 in Booysens, Johannesburg, and gained Shodan in July 1985.

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Goju-Ryu Karate-Do International

  • Goju Ryu Katas
    Goju Ryu Katas

    Kata (型 or 形) are the detailed choreographed patterns of movements. The basic goal of kata is to preserve and transmit proven techniques and to practice self-defence. By practicing in a repetitive manner the learner develops the ability to execute, techniques and movements in a natural, reflex-like manner.

  • Bunkai

    Bunkai (分解), stands for "analysis" or "disassembly" and refers to the process of analysing kata and extracting the fighting techniques from the movements these are called Oyo.

  • Kumite

    Kumite (組手) translated means "grappling hands" and plays a large part of karate training, along with kata and kihon. Kumite is the part of karate in which a person trains against an opponent, using the techniques learned from the kihon and kata.

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