Sensei Leonard Sim (8th Dan)

He began training in March 1967, and started Wokingham Karate Academy in 1984. Sensei Henrieheta Sim is 7th Dan and has been responsible for the junior section of the club since she set it up in 1985. Henrieheta holds a bronze medal from the 1991 World Championships in Okinawa, Japan.

Sensei Len Sim has practised for almost 40 years, after staring in Dunfermline. He trained in Chito-Ryu, Yoseikan (Shotokan) and Goju-Ryu and collected a few trophies along the way, including British Karate Federation Kata champion. He competed in the BKCC championships from 1973 to 1976 as well as captained two international tours to South Africa.

After, he moved south to Havant and started clubs in that area, he met Sensei James Rousseau in 1974 and has been his student ever since. As a founder of the IOGKF, he spent many, many hours improving his Goju Ryu under Sensei Chinen and Sensei Higaonna. He opened the Wokingham club in 1984 assisted by Bill Cuzzocrea. Spin off clubs opened in Sandhurst, Owlsmoor and Sonning.

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