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Revision Date March 18, 2014


1. GKI England Licence Fees

Adult £20
Under 18 £15
Family £35
New GKI Licence book  £5.00 payable with first licence application

All members must have a current GKI licence before being graded.


2. International Affiliation Fees

Single dojo affiliation £75
Association affiliation £150

An affiliation entitles the dojo or association to:

  1. Participate in GKI gasshukus, gradings, competitions etc.
  2. Use the name, logo and badge of the GKI (but not register those other than in the name of Shihan Rousseau)
  3. Use the name of Shihan Rousseau as International Chief Instructor
  4. Purchase blank Kyu grade certificates at £2.50 each + postage.
  5. Copy, translate and use the content of official GKI documents.


3.Grading Rules and Fees

All black belt gradings should be carried out at a GKI Gasshuku by the grading panel. Completed grading application forms, with photographs (preferably electronic pdf file format) must be received at least two weeks before the grading.

Gradings for 1st and 2nd Dan may be done at Mini-Gasshukus where previously agreed. The decision whether or not to hold a grading at a Mini-Gasshuku will be based on the length of time before a GKI Gasshuku will be held locally, the ability of students to travel because of age, economic factors and other appropriate reasons. Only members from the dojos of the host country may attempt a black belt grade at a Mini Gasshuku.

The GKI will train and encourage senior instructors to carry out gradings by involving them in grading panels and having two panels at gradings where the numbers are large (say 25 and over).

Dan / Club Instructor>>>>>>>>>>


Grade Attempted Examination Fee (note 1) Registration Fee (note 2) Examiner(s) Required Time since last Grading Notes
9,8,7 kyu (under 14) £10.00 3 months  
6,5,4 kyu (over 14) £10.00 £2.50 1st Dan / Club Instructor For adults  
3, 2, 1 kyu (under 14) £8.50 £2.50 2nd Dan / Club Instructor 6 months  
3, 2, 1 kyu (over 14) £12.50 £2.50 2nd Dan / Club Instructor 6 months  
1 kyu (over 14) £15.00 £5.00 3rd Dan (Two instructors) 6 months Gasshuku Test
1st Dan (junior) £20.00 £20.00 GKI Panel 6 months 12 to 14
1st Dan (cadet) £25.00 £20.00 GKI Panel 9 months 14 to 16
1st Dan £30.00 £20.00 GKI Panel 1 year 16 +
2nd Dan (cadet) £30.00 £20.00 GKI Panel 2 years 16 to 18
2nd Dan £35.00 £20.00 GKI Panel 2 years 18 +
3rd Dan £40.00 £20.00 GKI Panel 3 years 21 +
4th Dan £45.00 £20.00 GKI Panel 4 years 25 +
5th Dan £50.00 £20.00 GKI Panel 5 years Panel includes Chief Instructor
6th Dan + £60.00 £20.00 GKI Panel 6 + years



  1. This is the fee charged to cover examiner(s) fees and excludes the registration fee. For kyu gradings held in a club dojo, these are suggested fees only.
  2. This is the GKI registration and certification fee, 25% of which will be paid to each of the Chief Instructor and the Chairman, as certification signatories. This fee is returned if the candidate is not successful. For kyu gradings held in a club dojo, this charge is not made.
  3. Normally, no person will be tested without the permission of his/her instructor. In the event of a dispute, the GKI will hold an investigatory meeting and make a decision based on all available facts. Any student, who can show he/she has trained regularly and has completed the time between gradings, is eligible. Character and instructors comments will be taken in to consideration in deciding pass or fail.
  4. The GKI panel must include at least one 6th Dan or above at a Mini Gasshuku and should include the Chief Instructor or Deputy Chief Instructor/Chairman at a Main Gasshuku.


4. Gasshukus

Normally, there will be two main GKI Gasshukus held each year with a possible third every other year. The venues will be agreed by the GKI International Committee who meet at these events.

A Mini Gasshuku may be held and is primarily for the students of the organising association or country.

The two senior instructors at a GKI Gasshuku or the senior instructor at a Mini Gasshuku must create the timetable of the Gasshukus and will be paid according to the agreed GKI rules.

All events should be budgeted and planned to break even. As a rule of thumb, the budget should assume 95% of the revenue of a previous similar event. The organising country/group has the responsibility to produce a budget, which must show that the normal fees structure can be met.

The GKI organising group or country should meet any shortfall in revenue at a GKI Gasshuku. This should only happen when the shortfall is due to circumstances that could not be reasonably anticipated. Other member groups and countries may contribute in appropriate circumstances.


5. Gasshuku Training Fees

The suggested fee structure with an advance booking is as below. Payment at the Gasshuku will be typically 50% higher.

  Typical classes
1 session
2.5 hours
1 day (2 classes)
4.5 hours
3 day Gasshuku
11 hours
4 day Gasshuku
14 hours
Adults £18 £24 £48 £60
Under 18s £13.50 £18 £36 £45
£10 £13 £25 £30
Gasshuku Instructor is one of the two (or three if agreed for a major event) senior instructors at a GKI Gasshuku or the senior instructor at a Mini Gasshuku. These instructors must create the timetable of the Gasshukus.

The hourly fees to be charged by Gasshuku Instructors for teaching (not charged for time spent on gradings) are: -

4th Dan… £25; 5th Dan...£30; 6th Dan...£40; 7th Dan... £50; 7th Dan…£60; 8th Dan…£70; 9th Dan... £80

Minimum fees for the Gasshuku Instructors will be paid, based on teaching for 60% of the classes held while in attendance at the Gasshuku, unless otherwise agreed (excludes any non-GKI classes held in association with a Gasshuku and time spent on grading panels).

Reasonable travel, accommodation and subsistence expenses incurred by Gasshuku Instructors will be met.

Gasshuku Assistant Instructors are other instructors who have been appointed by the Gasshuku Instructor to teach at the Gasshuku. They will be paid at 50% of the above rates, except when they are solely in charge of a whole day, when full rates will apply. When funds permit, reasonable travel and accommodation expenses will be met.

Fees at monthly black and brown belt classes, referee’s courses and other courses will be set from time to time by the executive committee.

All government taxes are the responsibility of the individual instructor.

Any varience from these rules must be agreed in advance by the executive committee.


7. Contact List

Please check the GKI web site for other instructors.

Chief Instructor Shihan James Rousseau    
Chairman Shihan Leonard Sim This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


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